Sunday, November 2, 2003

Random Thoughts From The Weekend

Eat Bubbalah, Eat ... the tea-roasted duck. And I thought Jewish mothers had the monopoly on the whole "make you keep eating till you're physically ill" thing. Apparently we've got nothing on Chinese families. I returned from the weekend spent at Peggy's wedding (great couple -- lovely wedding). Let's see ... was it 8 courses at the rehearsal dinner and another 8 at the wedding? And they were all so nummy, too. But, dang, I am so going back to the gym this week.

Ma'am, put the bacon down and step away from the plate. In all the excitement of getting my shots, the doctor did the standard blood work-up on me, which included testing my cholesterol. I'd been avoiding this on the dubious philosophy that what I didn't know wouldn't kill me, but now I know. And although it wasn't nearly as high as I'd feared (I couldn't tell the doctor that. "Really? Less than 250? Woo-hoo!") it did confirm that I should adjust my eating habits. So, this morning, we went to a breakfast buffet and, as per my usual "breakfast buffet" habits, I piled on the eggs and bacon. It was only around my fourth piece of bacon that I realized I should stop eating it, and guilty set it down. A friend who happens to be a cardiologist told me to go ahead and eat the bacon -- start the better diet on Monday. I wondered if this wasn't so much "friendly advice" but rather "an investment in her future." I left the bacon.

Apologies to My 19th Century Sisters. Peggy let each of her attendants pick their own dresses from a mix-and-match set at David's Bridal. The top I picked was a lace-up corset. I put it on early in the morning ('cause it would be hard to get on without mussing the hair) and ended up wearing that damn thing for about 14 hours. I gotta say, it did nice things for my posture, but by the time I took it off, I was really needing the release. The weird thing was, when I took it off and was wearing "only" a bra and loose-fitting shirt, I felt like I was damn near naked. I wonder whether those straight-laced Victorian types felt all naughty and sexy when they were merely fully-clothed, just without all that whale bone around their middle.


andreakingme said...

That's a neat idea about the bridesmaid's dresses. (So you wore the corset for 14 hours, huh? Sheeshus!)

Next time you're faced with bacon, just tell yourself what I do: it's baked fat. Yeech!

pegluh said...

I think it was 8 at dinner and "only" 6 at dinner, not including dessert. I don't know if intermezzo counts as a full course. But yeah, I was living in fear that the dress seams were going to pop.