Sunday, November 23, 2003

Takes a licking (part 2 of 2)

Now, the watch also came with a "Timex Kids Watch Protection Plan."  If your kid loses the watch within a year, Timex will replace it for $10, "no questions asked."

Boy did that take me back.  My first "real" watch was a Timex.  Little round face/black band.  Conveniently it was a timeless style.  I say that because my second watch was a little round Timex with a black band.  As was my third.

Yep.  Lost that little bugger twice.  And I was so afraid my mom would think I was irresponsible if she knew I lost it, I saved up all my money and replaced the damn thing.  Twice.  (And there was no "Kids Watch Protection Plan" then.  I had to pay the FULL FIFTEEN BUCKS for that thing.)

The really ridiculous part was that my first watch -- the one my parents had given me -- had gotten wet.  This was before the days of cheap water resistant watches, so when I took it on a water ride at an amusement park, the inside fogged up and -- once it cleared -- I ended up with a little green ring of mold growing around the inside of my watch.

The first one.  Which I lost.  When I bought the first replacement, I was afraid mom would notice that it somehow got cleaner, so I had to get this one wet too, to recreate the mold.  I was so excited when I managed to fog up the inside -- the idea that I was actually ruining a brand new watch never crossed my mind.  I just had to make sure my parents never knew I lost the first watch.

And when I lost the second one, it was the same routine.  Although, by now, I was an expert at getting mold to grow inside a Timex.  Still told good time, though.

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mdkjic said...

Thanks for the mold in the watch recipe! When my Timex got wet my father took the back off, then set it on the window sill in the sunlight so it would dry out. My parents were so anal. I never got to wear anything with mold on it.