Monday, November 17, 2003

Feel the Joy!

OK, everybody remember the story of the cel I was bidding on?  Well, the auction ended and I got a call (this was not an eBay auction) that I won!  For the minimum bid!  I pick it up tomorrow.  Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.

Now I feel safe to share the details.  It's a cel from "Great Mouse Detective."  (Being as I'm both a Disney fan and something of a Sherlockian, it's pretty likely that I'd go for that film in particular.)  The cel is of Basil with Dawson and Little Olivia -- although it is from a night-time scene, so everyone's color is somewhat muted.

I was amazed as all get-out to see the cel.  I've been looking for a "Great Mouse Detective" cel pretty much forever -- I've never seen one at any of the Disney parks, any animation art stores I've happened upon, or on eBay whenever I've checked. 

So, picture me at an event I didn't even know was having a charity auction.  They mention they have some cels from various studios for auction, and "a few" from Disney.  What are the odds, eh?  They had two Disney cels and both were from "Great Mouse Detective."  I expect most of the other people were disappointed, as "Great Mouse Detective" isn't exactly one of your more popular Disney flicks -- but I could barely contain myself.  (I mean they had two.  I got to choose which one to bid on.  Amazing.)

Anyway, a month later and it's mine for the minimum bid.  I paid for it this morning, and I get to pick it up tomorrow.  Eeeee!


andreakingme said...

Congratz, NZ. I remember how you agonized on whether or not to go for it ...

musenla said...

congrats, nz. sometimes taking a risk is worth it. and the singing detective is now being made into a movie, with robert downey, jr.