Friday, December 5, 2003

24 Hours in Christchurch (4 of ?)

During that ten minutes, a pair of Aussie women came by also wanting a punt ride.  Nice man whispers to me, would I be willing to share my ride with these ladies and he'd give me the difference in price back?  Why yes, I would.  So ... beautiful ride down the Avon seeing tress and flowers and duckies (lots of ducks -- very cute they way their little webbed feet flail around when they dive their heads into the water) while leaning back and listening to the punter explain all the different trees and flowers and species of duck.

Punt guy also pointed out the location of the rose garden, and said now was a lovely time to see it as the whole thing was in bloom.  (December.  Southern Hemisphere.  I'm getting the hang of this.)  I still had time after the punt ride so went for a stroll over to the rose garden, and it was magnificent.  Over 100 different breeds of rose, and, yeah, all in bloom.  Either on bushes or climbing trellises.  Just beautiful.

I'm flying out of here at 8:30 tomorrow morning, so won't be seeing any more of this really charming city.

A note on journalling for the next few days.  I'm heading to Fiji tomorrow afternoon, where I will be doing a three-day "soft adventure" cruise on a tall ship.  (I promise to say "Arrrr" at least once.)  I've got a night in a hotel in the city on either side of the cruise.  I don't know whether I'll find internet in the city, but I'm certain I won't find it on the cruise.  So... I'll definitely be incommunicado for three days, and might be for five.  If I don't write from Fiji, I'll catch up in Rotorua.

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writerslive said...

i've just been catching up on your journal, I'm so envious! What a fantastic trip. And how brave of you to plan it, get ready, and go! I look forward to hearing all about Fiji.