Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Fiji (9 of lots)

I gotta say, the Spontaneous Ocean Swim was probably the best part of the cruise.  I put on some swim fins and paddled out into the clearest bluest water ever.  There was no need for snorkel or mask because there was nothing to see -- no coral, no fish, no seaweed, no sea critters of any kind -- just perfect blue waters as deep as imagination.

Everyone else came in -- some walking down the ladder and others jumping off the side of the ship.  Once we realized the crew allowed us to jump off the ship, people starting jumping off higher and higher places (ohh!  that railing in front!  that'll give us a few more feet!).  Then the crew got into the act, with one guy climbing up the rigging (we weren't allowed THERE) walking over to the edge of the yardarm (is that the word?) holding up the sail, and jumping off from there to the cheers of everyone in the water.

Someone had a rugby ball and a crew member dove in with it and organized us in a impromptu game of keep-away.  The whole thing was just playful and silly and fun (and cool and blissful) and I loved every second of it.

... and now, I have to get my laundry out of the dryer and get some dinner, and this store is going to be closed when I get back, so I'll have to continue the saga later.  I have a very tight airplane connection to make tomorrow, but HOPEFULLY I'll end up in Rotorua in time for a Maori cultural experience that I can then compare to the Fijian one I'm going to write about next.

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andreakingme said...

YOu know, this is as close as I'll probably ever get to Fiji ... ::sigh:: So thanks for sharing all of this. Really!