Wednesday, December 31, 2003

The Y2K4 bug (2 of 2)

When I got back from New Zealand, I was pleasantly surprised to find I still had internet access.  I was also disappointed to find about 300 new pieces of spam in my inbox.  I later found some snail mail that explained it -- through the kindness of their hearts (not), the ISP had graciously decided to extend my service with them for another month (because CLEARLY my failure to tell them I wanted to keep them as my ISP for a few more bucks a month had been an oversight).

So now the changeover is set to happen at midnight tonight.  When I am certain there will be HUNDREDS of tech support people just sitting by their phones eagerly awaiting my call so they can tell me how to reconfigure my cable modem.

Oh yeah.  Implement the changeover on New Year's.  Good plan.


grodygeek said...

Yeah, that was a "good plan." Reading a few entries, I came by for this comment:

A lawyer? I've become attracted to a lawyer? Good grief, I'm 1/3 comedian, and my favorite are lawyer jokes. Another good romance over before it could even begin. Unless. Hey I can take Dilbert jokes (it is my documentary) can you take lawyer jokes?

nzforme said...

Heh. I know 'em all. ;)