Thursday, December 4, 2003

Franz Josef to Christchurch (1 of 2)

So, I got the heck out of Franz Josef this morning.  Back on the bus line with the cute little rest stops.  This time, breakfast was at "The Bushman's Cafe" -- one of those woodsy places with a sign that says, "Save NZ Forests -- Eat a Possum" and advertises "Bambi Burgers."  (No, I didn't.  Not for breakfast.)  We also had a forty minute break in a small town, which was nice as they had a post office and I had remembered 3 other people on my gift list.  :)  Also, I was just about finishing my book, so had to buy a new one.

... a moment here on prices.  Things are priced weird here.  I don't mean the exchange rate is weird, I mean some things are way cheaper and others are way pricier than I would normally expect.  This is throwing me, as I've never really experienced this travelling before -- normally ALL things are either cheaper or pricier than they are in the States, but keep to a recognizable ratio.

Example:  I bought a paperback book.  It cost $18.  That's adjusting the price into U.S. money.  Eighteen freakin' dollars for a paperback book!!!  But for lunch, I had tea and scones.  That's a cup of tea, two scones, jam, and cream.  Adjusted to U.S. money, that cost me $4. Quite the steal.  So, yeah, way confused on the prices here.


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pegluh said...

I noticed that, too. Somewhere around Day 5, I just gave up.