Sunday, December 28, 2003


Went hiking today. I can say that all casual-like, but it's still so unusual for me that in certain circles, I can get a roomful of stares by saying it.

(Indeed, I got some gratifying silence when I met some friends I hadn't seen for a year and casually mentioned some of the activities I did in New Zealand. I'm gonna get as much mileage out of this as I can.)

Anyway, when my friends first asked me to go hiking today, I had to silence the initial reaction of, "um, I'm sure I've got something else to do then." Instead, there was that tiny little voice that said, "You're trying to do this, remember?"

Easier hike than the first one she took me on -- it was three miles (total) and only had a very gradual climb to it (unlike the unpleasant "cardiac hill" at the end of the other hike) -- and it even went uphill for the first part and downhill for the last like a good little hike.

I had various equipment errors -- forgetting hat (for sun) and gloves (for cold) -- although the latter turned out to be the real mistake. I also got a blister on my instep because the stitching holding the flap which holds the boot's tongue down came loose. And I got a cramp at the very top of my thigh because (at least, I think this is why) I was a big stupid idiot and put my wallet in my front pocket.

I think the whole thing would be way more pleasant if everything just WORKED the way it was supposed to, but it was still a doable hike and the view at the top (Mt. Lowe) was really impressive.

So, yeah, will probably hike again.


grodygeek said...

Bravo! You keep hiking, getting mileage, and blisters. 8-) Sorry, couldn't resist.
Two words for you, "waist pack". Put some snacks, keys, wallet, disposible camera, and any other junk you want in it. In the small of you back it floats along unnoticed. Skip the pockets. Cycling togs have no trouser pockets, but pockets in the back of your jersey for the same reason. Gordy

andreakingme said...

Good for you. And ... better you than me.

Then again, once I get these knees in shape, maybe I'll be able to hike, too. I've never been. (Never wanted to.)