Saturday, December 13, 2003

The OTHER Impossible Connection

Man, sorry to cut off like that mid-story, but you should just TRY to get internet access in Rotorua.  Here are my attempts in chronological order:

1.  Internet machine in hotel -- lets me read email for two screen names, then refuses to communicate with AOL anymore so nzforme can't sign in.

2.  Use internet cafe down street for hour and a half till she kicks me out.

3.  Next morning, try to use internet cafe again.  Get midway through entry below, take a moment to think while I am holding down the shift key, and end up turning on a function that (a) freezes all the keys and (b) can't be turned off by the lady who runs the internet cafe.  I hit "save" and run off to my next activity.

4.  That night, go to the cafe to try to finish up.  She's closed.  Apparently she lost her connection earlier that day, all the customers walked out, and she shut down early.  Although she had access now, and I was clearly an available customer, she preferred to stay shut.

5.  Went to internet cafe next door.  It was open enough, but its version of IE was too old to support journals.

6.  Went back to hotel internet machine.  Turned it off and rebooted it.  It only let me in AOL via, which didn't support journals.

Which brings us to today, and a brand new internet cafe.  Lets all hope, shall we?

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