Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Fiji! (2 of lots)

Next morning, I'm up bright and early to catch the shuttle van to the cruise.  Now, you may recall (sorry, if I was on a better internet connection, I'd actually link to the entries) my concern over packing correctly for this "sailing safari."  I was told to bring a "soft kit bag" that remains on board, a "small overnight bag for the village," and, among other things "reef walking shoes."  I ended up buying a midsize duffel ("soft kit bag") and a smaller duffel ("overnight bag") and I had to drive to the next county to find reef walking shoes (as they aren't readily available during November in Los Angeles)
So, I packed up everything in both my duffels, although I wasn't entirely clear which items went into which duffel.  (I mean, I'd need sunscreen both on the boat and in the village.  What to do?)  I ended up resolving it by just shoving the smaller duffel into the larger one and figuring I'd deal with it on board.  I mean, ultimately, I didn't bring more than a mid-size duffel worth of stuff.
I show up at the marina for boarding the sailing ship and am freakin' amazed at the quantity of luggage my fellow passengers have brought.  They got bags not ONLY the size of the small roll-aboard I left at my Fiji hotel, they also got bags the size of the BIG HUGE MONSTER SUITCASE I left in New Zealand.  I mean, they're bringing on this three-day sailing safari the same amount of stuff I brought for two weeks in New Zealand.  The mind boggles.  (Some people used their roll-aboard bags as their overnighters for the village -- they looked awful silly dragging those bags out of the longboat into the surf at the shore.)  Am I the only one around here who follows directions?
... gonna log off now to deal with the laundry.  I'll be back in a few.  Just so as not to keep you in suspense, the "reef walking shoes" I had driven all over town to find... stayed in my bag all trip.

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