Thursday, December 4, 2003


I need to take back what I'd said about us exporting good stuff to the world.  Not only did I get part two of "Trista and Ryan's Wedding" last night, I also ended up watching that fine example of American filmmaking, "Josie and the Pussycats."  (Not Alan Cumming's best work, clearly.)

But after that ... oh, how my spirits lifted!  I saw an Australian program called "Strip Search" -- and was delighted to discover that the Aussies have come up with crap that meets ... and possibly even exceeds ... American standards.  I ended up watching what appeared to be the final episode, but it seems that what we have here is a variant of "Making the Band" -- except rather than watching normal average everyday people (with good voices) turn into a rock band, I was watching normal average everyday people (with good bodies) turn into a troupe of male strippers.  Yeppers.  "American Idol" crossed with "The Full Monty."  I can't believe American television hasn't made this one yet.  Paging Mark Burnett.

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pegluh said...

We saw the adverts for "Strip Search!" What a hoot!