Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Menfolk, Skip this Entry

Anyone with a Y-chromosone, leave now.  I gotta talk girl stuff with my sisters for a second.

Before the day-long bus trip, I purchased me a product known in this part of the planet as "Tampax Compact."  I assume this is related to the item they're trying to pawn off on the American tampon-buying-public as "Tampax Pearl," with that incredibly annoying "Pearl Girl" jingle.

Word to the wise:  It don't work.

End of story.


rinakatay21 said...

Hmmm...are you talking about the tampons that like fold up so they fit in the palm of your hand? They're marketing them to teenage girls here in the US...but I love my Tampax Pearl! =D lol

nzforme said...

Dunno. Looks like a normal tampax 'cepting the applicator comes sorta squashed into itself already so the damn thing is about half the size of a normal one. I didn't imagine that this would have any sort of, er, adverse effect on the usefulness of the product, but I am quite disappointed.