Wednesday, December 3, 2003

The Half Day Glacier Walk (5 of ?)

ANYWAY, we still weren't at the turnaround point when I fell on my knee, but there didn't seem any other choice but to continue.  (On the plus side, I didn't have to look very far to ice it.)  What was really bothering me about this was it was my LEFT knee, and I now had to favor the damn thing on my way down, which made me even more unsteady than usual.  Add to this that the boots were starting to loosen up again, so my ankles kept twisting (which aggravated the ligament, of course), I started wondering exactly why I'd gone to so much trouble to walk on this f'ing glacier to begin with.

So, we reached the turnaround point and ... turned around.  Kris brought us back down through a path that was MUCH easier than how we'd climbed up, and other than having to sit on my tush once to reach a foothold, I made it down without further incident.  (I had various landmarks marked -- the wood plank on the ladder, the place where we take off our talonz, the bottom of the glacier -- and gave a little cheer when I hit each one.)  During the walk back to the bus (remember that large valley?) I sorta just picked a pace and went with it, not stopping at all.  Along the path, I chatted with some people, but when they stopped for photos I had to keep going, certain that if I'd stopped, I wouldn't be able to start again.

Finally got to the bus at the end and just stared at the step up into the bus.  Three guides behind me started cracking up, and one of them was like, "Left foot.  Pick it up.  You can do it."  ;)

Back at the shop, we unloaded our talonz, boots, and socks (wow!  only two blisters!  yay me!) and we met our guides for little certificates saying we climbed the thing.  Kris fills out my certificate and says something like, "Well done, mate, considering how much you were moaning there at the beginning" and I swear I nearly burst into tears.

Grabbed some lunch with the Nice Family From Melbourne.  Considering they saved me from falling down the glacier, I probably should have treated.




rinakatay21 said...

That sucks that the glacier walk wasn't all you wanted it to be...seems like it's been a pain from the beginning...oh well, on the new adventures, eh? OH! And I saw my FIRST coverage of the LOTR opening....maybe you can get to this link...there's some nice pics...,0

andreakingme said...

Aw shucks, NZ. My knees ached while reading these entries. I cheered your go-get 'em tude and shook my head at your loosey-goosey boots. I even mock-screamed at the girl who really WAS sick (and wondered if you were the one following her).

All in all, this trek sounds like something they couldn't PAY me to take. I hate ice. My knees suck. I'd rather take a walk at the water's edge of a beach.

But it was just fascinating to read. Frame that certificate!

annalisa135 said...

i don't blame you in the least for nearly bursting into tears at his praise.  i would've too.  you accomplished something incredible!  congrats!  i could just imagine your knee swelling up, even with all that ice around.  (hehe)  

you've had your share of boo boos so far on this trip:  from blisters, sandfly bites, your poor right hand, now your left knee.  i probably left out a few others, as well.  geez!  poor baby.  you paid to get all beat up!  hell next time stay home, give me the money, and i'll put you thru the grinder.  lol.