Thursday, December 4, 2003

Franz Josef to Christchurch (2 of 2)

ANYWAY, the bus dropped me at the train station (right on time) where I picked up the Tranz Alpine railway from the West Coast of this island all the way over to Christchurch.  Lovely, lovely scenery.  I had been sold an aisle seat, but the nice conductor guy pointed out the carriage behind us was nearly empty, so I moved back there and got a window so I could enjoy the view.  Met a nice couple from Minnesota and chatted with them while enjoying the scenery and my cheap tea and scones.  Very pleasant afternoon.

Arrived at the train station.  My itinerary said I'd be met at the station and transferred to my hotel.  Given my record on this, I didn't believe it for a second.  To my surprise, there were three guys there holding up signs with the names of train passengers on them.  To nobody's surprise, my name was not among them.

I shared a car into town with a nice lady backpacking her way through NZ.  Couldn't place the accent -- something European.  I couldn't always make out the words she was saying, but she said she'd found herself in Wellington for "the premiere" and then mocked the crowds yelling "Orlando."  I cracked up.


andreakingme said...

The train ride/tea/scenery sounded wonderful. (What novel was it that cost you $18?)

You know, when you get back, you really ought to write a letter to your travel agent's supervisor. More than one in-your-face mistake is ridiculous.

pegluh said...

That's hilarious. How does one just "find" herself in Wellington for "the premiere"? Has she not been paying attention to the world?! Orlandooooo!!!!

olddog299 said...

Check out the origin of that $18 novel - is it imported from UK, Oz or the States? Seems higher than necessary, even with no papermaking on the islands. By the way, I'm loving your narrative of this trip - you are doing a great job.

nzforme said...

Funny you should ask, Olddog. That was a book by a local author -- it was a couple dollars cheaper than the imports.