Saturday, December 13, 2003

Finishing Up The Impossible Connection

So.  Land at 4:15.  Run to immigration and clear it before my bag has come off the plane.  Wait by the conveyor belt as thought staring at my watch would make the bag come faster.  Ultimately it does.

It is around this time that I realize I never took my camera (that encompasses not only the camera but: the roll of film I'd been shooting since Queenstown, three more new rolls of film, and a waterproof camera I'd bought for rafting) out of the checked bag, so I've probably killed all five rolls of film.  I only hope the screening machine in Nadi isn't up to Strict U.S. Film-Killing Standards.

Get bag and clear Customs.  "Do you have any food?"  "No."  (Finished the candy bar on the plane.)  "Got the hiking shoes?"  "Threw 'em out in Fiji."  (Also true.  You'll recall I hiked in my flip-flops.  Which began the trip a brand-new green fabric but were now saturated with Fijian dirt.  I figured I'd never get them clean and therefore never get them thru the Agricultural Hold, so I tossed 'em.)  "Welcome to New Zealand."

In the International terminal, there's a check-in for connecting Air New Zealand flights (yay).  But it says if your flight leaves within 45 minutes, just go to the Domestic terminal.  I'm at about 40 minutes.  (boo).  Grab my belongings and start the stroll over to the "Interterminal walkway."

By this time, I'm sure I'll make it, and I do end up at the counter a good five minutes before my flight actually boards.  The Air New Zealand rep is adamant that I check the rollaboard, and when I ask to go in to free my film, she says not to bother because they don't screen bags going on flights departing from that wing of the airport.  Weird, but whatever.

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