Thursday, December 25, 2003

The Trip in Photos - Part 1 - Queenstown

Yay!  I uploaded all the photos and can now share them.  And it's a linkfest, too.

I briefly mentioned that I had a lovely room in Queenstown.  I took this picture from my balcony:


That's sunset over Queenstown.  Pretty spiffy, no?

Then I went to the canyon swing over Shotover Canyon.  My entries on it begin here.  Photographic evidence that I jumped off the little platform is here:


It isn't a black cavern of darkness I'm jumping into -- that's the canyon -- it was just in the evening so the shadow fell over it.  (Had I known the photo would've turned out the badly, I might have actually jumped again to get a better one.)

Later in the trip I went horseback riding with Shotover Stables.  We went riding by the Shotover river, the same river which you would see at the bottom of that photograph were the shadow not in the way.  Here's me and Dash at the river:


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