Thursday, December 25, 2003

The Trip in Photos -- Part 4 -- The Cruise in Fiji

Man, Fiji is beautiful.  I did a "sailing safari" in Fiji with the VERY nice people at Captain Cook Cruises.

Remember how I had to buy a sulu (sarong) and towel before I left, and I got a free crappy souvenir?  You didn't believe me, did you?


This is my beautiful ship, the Spirit of the Pacific and the bluest water I'd ever seen.


This is my bure, where I slept for two nights.  (The blue thing hanging in the window is my overpriced Fijian towel.)


This is the precise view from the doormat of my bure.  (The girls from this story can be seen swimming here.)


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andreakingme said...

Wow. Yup. Wow. That ship looks like a pirate's ship! Or, maybe it's just me. And the views you had!