Saturday, December 13, 2003

White Water Rafting (5 of 5)

It was great!  Partway through the slow bit, it started raining.  And I thought about how, in normal circumstances, I usually hate being outside in the rain -- but here I was pretty much as wet as I could possibly be, wearing all appropriate getting-wet gear, sitting on the edge of a raft floating down this gorgeous tree-lined river in New Zealand, and the rain was just adding to the beauty of the whole thing.  I spread my arms open and leaned my head back and laughed and just welcomed all the rain.

(Although, when we reached a bit where a metal bridge crossed over the river, and Kelvin said, "It's good luck to touch the bridge with your paddles," and we heard thunder RIGHT THEN, I thought, "OK, rain good; lightning bad."  I have limits, ya know?)

So, er, Peg... tell That Guy that next time he plans a rafting trip, I'm in.  :)

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pegluh said...

Duly noted. Glad you had fun. NZ rivers are definitely much more rubust than CA rivers. They actually get rain there. Next time we'll have you sit up front because that is where all the great action is!