Saturday, December 13, 2003

Would You Believe? (2 of 2)

Manager worked out an alternative plan where I could take a DIFFERENT bus to Waitomo, use my black water rafting reservation that had been set through the original company, and pay the original company the one-way fare back.  (I had booked with this company because they were the only one that ran a bus back to Rotorua late enough to complete the whole trip in one day.)  Which I did.  Whole thing ended up costing me $20 more than I'd originally intended, and I'd sorta wanted the hotel to pony it up 'cause it was their stupid phones that caused the problem -- but it was only like $13 American, and the manager really DID work his ass off to get me to Waitomo that afternoon, so I chalked it up to just another one of those random vacation expenses, and vowed to do a practice wake-up call from then on.

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