Friday, December 12, 2003

The "Impossible" Connection

So...  my flight from Fiji to Auckland will arrive at 4:05.  My flight from Auckland (to Rotorua) leaves at 5:15.  In the interim, I will have to:  clear immigration, clear customs, run to the Domestic terminal (a ten-minute walk -- they have a shuttle but it only runs every 20 minutes), check in for the Rotorua flight, and get to the gate.  Not impossible, but not easy.

I try to stack the deck in my favor.  I know from previous experience that they will only allow me 7 kg of carry-on baggage, so there's no way to carry all my stuff (which, although in two small bags, is together upwards of 12 kg).  So I have to check a bag.  I decide to check the small duffel because I can run better with the wheeled bag.  I pack everything light in the wheeled bag (so it will be under 7 kg) and all the heavy stuff in the duffel.  The only exception is my camera and film -- which I put in the wheeled bag 'cause you're not s'posed to send film through the checked bag x-ray anymore.

I check in for the flight.  The nice man is not able to check me in for the connection because Air Pacific and Air New Zealand are not partners.  He also makes me switch bags -- I must check the wheeled one because the limit for flights OUT of Fiji is 5 kg.  At my request, though, he moves my seat to the front of the plane (so I can outrun everyone to Immigration) -- although I have to give up a window for a center seat.  He also volunteers to check my wheeled bag through to Rotorua, but since I'll have to pick it up to clear customs in Auckland, this isn't exactly a big time-saver.

I get to the gate at Fiji at the flight is delayed 20 minutes.  I think, "Game Over."  Well, not OVER, but way more difficult.

In the air, we make up ten minutes of the delay.  We arrive at 4:15 (says my new Fijian watch). 

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tink9722 said...

I just started reading your journal. I hope that you enjoyed Fiji despite trouble leaving. I have family there and would love to go back ASAP!! It is gorgeous there. I love visiting my Aunt's village and the outer islands!!

Maybe I'll post some pics of my trip sometime!!