Thursday, December 25, 2003

The Trip in Photos - Part 2 - Dart River

Remember the trip I took down the Dart River (jet boat/funyak)?  (With the nice people at Dart River Safaris.)

Here's a postcard showing where Lake Wakatipu ends and the Dart River starts:


This is a shot of some of that gorgeous scenery taken from the "bow" of my funyak:


Here's Johnny, my funyak guide:


And, here's a shot -- an absolutely amazing shot -- looking back over the lake when we were going home late that afternoon:


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olddog299 said...

Every now and then, Lady Luck smiles on us and Murphy's off in the williwaggs taking a nap. Blow that puppy up to 8X10 and mount her on your wall like the trophy she is. That is a keeper, kiddo. BTW, you have a future as a travel writer... ;)