Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Fiji! (10 of lots)

(Time for a quick email check and journal entry before I run to the airport.)

Two things I forgot to mention in the earlier entries.  First, was that morning, we had a 7:00 hike around the island.  Which, oddly enough, I participated in.  We hiked to the highest point of the island and took some lovely pictures.  Also saw the water collection tanks where my shower water baked in the Fiji sun. 

Second is that my waterproof watch gave up the ghost.  You remember -- it's the watch I bought JUST FOR THIS TRIP -- a cheap little kids' Timex that was waterproof and had an alarm and (I'd hoped) would survive for less than a month.  It did an excellent job snorkelling, but during our lovely swim, it fogged up.  And this wasn't like the OLD Timexes that kept running once fogged up -- this was a sign of impending doom.  First, it's little digital readout got confused about the time (told me it was three hours later than it was, then decided it was 7:77).  When I tried hitting buttons to make it work, it died altogether.

I contemplated a burial at sea, but ended up just trashing it at my bure that night. 

Having no watch is going to make my "impossible connection" this afternoon EVEN MORE EXCITING.

Stay tuned.


andreakingme said...

I just read the last 10 entries and wanted to let you know that I laughed, winced, snorted, sighed and gasped throughout 'em. I saved these entries for my lunch hour (hey, it's cold outside) and what a treat!

Radish juice! Bwahahaha!

pegluh said...

could be worse.... watch could have decided it was 6:66. that would make me pause. sounds like the cruise was lovely. happiness! (hope you make your flight!)