Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Fiji! (5 of lots)

I get my own hut, or "bure."  It's a one-room thatched roof cottage.  I'm not sure what it's made off.  It looks like something out of "Gilligan's Island" -- you know, how the walls were all made to look like they were woven out of dried leaves, but you KNOW Ginger and Mary Ann couldn't have woven a freakin' hut.  The bure walls looked (outside and inside) like they were just woven, but that clearly wasn't the case.  The windows (one in each wall) were wooden planks in wooden frames (being braced open by another piece of wood) so the walls of this building had to be more substantial.  Perhaps wood.  (I peeked beneath the woven mat on the floor and saw a concrete foundation.)  Anyway, certainly primitive and basic, but also certainly adequate.  Small bed, but with crisp white linen, mosquito netting, and a fresh flower sitting in the center.  For a closet, there was a bamboo pole hanging across the top of one of the interior corners of the bure, with a few plastic hangers.  I unpacked (which took all of 30 seconds) and went for a swim.


andreakingme said...

Hey! I missed this entry the first time around. Obviously, if you saw my comment earlier on about sharing a hut with strangers.

What color was the sand? White? Wazzit white?!

nzforme said...

Sand was sand-colored. (I mean that. Like, when you buy shoes that are colored "sand," that was this.) Not particularly white.