Saturday, December 6, 2003

Quick Greetings From Fiji

Greetings from my hotel in Fiji!

Where internet access is four minutes for a dollar.

(That's a Fiji dollar, but still.  The exchange rate isn't good enough to make THAT good.)

Where the road signs for a speed bump ahead just say "road hump," which I'm sure cracks up every American that visits.

Where the little shop sells all sorts of Fiji crafts and clothing, but NOT the sarong and towel I need to purchase before my cruise tomorrow.

Where (wonder of wonders) I was actually MET AT THE AIRPORT! 

(By a nice man with a "pottery lei" for me and everything.  "Everything" in this case meaning a big booklet of vouchers.  I think I have more vouchers than days I'm spending here.  I got a voucher for every car ride.  Wonder if I can get a voucher for a towel and sarong.)

Where the whole country seems to be populated by American Senior Citizens. 

(OK, no.  Just my plane here, and around the pool at my hotel.  I expect there to be younger people on the adventurey cruise.)

Gotta run.  Daylight's a-burnin' and I need to find the Fiji equivalent of a Target.


nikki247 said...

Wow -- This trip is incredible!!! I can't wait to see what you do next!

txsguinan said...

Got enough vouchers for me to join you? I am lovin' this trip...!! : )