Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Oh, THOSE photographs

I was all set to do the photo essay today.  Really.  There were going to be photos from my trip with links to the relevant entries and (if I was particularly inspired) all the links to the Adventure Activity Providers that I left out when I was writing from New Zealand and Fiji.

So I walked in to the computer room (aka the guest room; aka Jasmine's room) and was just about to turn on the computer when I realized, "Oh yeah.  Left the photos at work."

So, instead, I decided to work on my holiday card.  Now, you might think December 23 is a little late to be getting the holiday card out, but for me, it's downright early.  My holiday cards over the past few years have celebrated New Year's Day or Martin Luther King's birthday -- and last year I barely got that sucker in the mail for Presidents' Day.  So the fact that my cards might actually hit the mailbox before Christmas is really amazing.

So, I finished the holiday letter, scanned in the holiday photo, formatted the holiday photo card -- and spent so long trying to "mail merge" my address book from the Palm Desktop into something that made address labels, I finally decided it would be faster to just print it out as is and handwrite the darn things.  Besides, that will give it the personal touch.  :)

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grodygeek said...

Wishing you the happiest of holidays to you and yours,