Saturday, December 13, 2003

Sheep (2 of 2)

The sheep show itself was fairly informative.  Can't say as I've ever actually seen a shearing live and in person.  And they had something like 19 breeds of sheep all represented there on stage, some of which were fairly entertaining.  (Each sheep had its own pedestal to stand on, with a little feed dish holding what I figured must be some sort of sheep treat, 'cause the way they were going at those dishes was pretty intense.  Each sheep was called out of the pens individually and led to its pedestal.  When one sheep saw that it was next, it couldn't wait and leapt over the gate to run up to its pedestal and start eating Sheep Treats.)  And they had some sheep dogs performing, and at the end they had some audience members feed baby lambs (which again reminded me of my kitten).

I had felt some sort of obligation to see the sheep show.  It was like, sheep are such a major part of New Zealand, it was my duty as a visitor to see what they were all about.  Ticket having been duly punched, I made my way over to Zorb Rotorua.


pegluh said...

I hope you checked off that "been on a farm/come in contact with livestock" box on your immigration form, Missy!

nzforme said...

Yes'm. And the Customs Guy was WAY not interested. He sorta glanced at my shoes (which I'd cleaned for the occasion) and waved me through.

andreakingme said...

I saw sheep being sheared on that movie, THE THORN BIRDS. I felt sorry for the sheep. One of them got nicked!