Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Fractionally Sick (2 of 2)

This has worked well -- and then I discovered the concept of being partially sick.  One year, rather than being fully and completely sick once, I was half-sick twice.  Half-sick is a level of sickness when you're still functioning.  There are no sick days involved with being half-sick.  Nobody can tell that you're even a little bit sick (although they might notice prodigious lozenge consumption).  Being half-sick multiple times is way better than being fully sick once, as far as I'm concerned.  Half-sick is slightly frustrating, but doesn't get in the way of things.

I think I'm about one-third sick at the present moment.  I've been fighting something off for a few days now -- well, weeks, if it's the same thing that conveniently allowed me to fight it the week before I left for New Zealand.  I'd considered letting myself just BE sick now, but I've got some good stuff coming up this week I'd rather not miss.  Besides, I've already BEEN sick once this year, and there's a principle at stake.


andreakingme said...

Well, if it's a cold coming on, try Zicam. DiAnne of MTHeadedRambling said she caved and tried this product just before she and her two girls left on a road trip just before Christmas. She COULDN'T be sick and she was desperate. So she tried it ... and three days later, there was no trace of the cold.

I'll go find the entry and post it ...

andreakingme said...

Here's that entry about Zicam that I talked about below: