Saturday, December 13, 2003

Zorbing (1 of 2)

OK, lets review.  Zorbing.  You're inside a big plastic ball inside another big plastic ball.  They push it down the hill.  You topple head over heels over head.  Fun results.

Now, you can get strapped into the zorb and just roll down.  Or you can NOT be strapped in, and instead be accompanied by a bucketful of water, and slosh your way down.  The wet zorb came highly recommended.  And you could rent some clothes for the experience.  Fair enough.

I pay my money and get my rental T-shirt and shorts.  I go into the changing room, strip down to my skivvies, and contemplate the rental clothing.  Clearly, there's no rental undergarments.  Do I take off my drawers and zorb "commando" or do I keep them on and spend the rest of the day in wet undies?  I go for a compromise solution -- remove the bra (the rental T-shirt was solid yellow, so I figured it wouldn't do standard Wet T-shirt Contest behavior) but keep my drawers.  Heck, those shorts look pretty loose.

They drive me to the top of a hill and have me dive head first into a zorb.  While laying there on the bottom, they toss in a hose and give me a dose of pleasant warm water.  I'm enjoying the bath when he tells me to stand up.  He zips the little zorb door closed, lifts the bar keeping the zorb in its pen, and signals me to get moving.


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