Saturday, March 6, 2004

Back to the "Ordinary" Day (1 of ?)

Last night, I made tentative plans for today:  horseback riding through Hyde Park.  (English riding.  With the little cap and boots and everything.)

I got back to my hotel and asked the concierge for any other bright ideas of what to do.  He had none.

I went up to my room -- it was now just midnight -- and discovered that housekeeping had opened the window.

This is extremely bad.  (Did I mention the "just midnight" bit?)  Freezing cold weather had been pouring into my room through the wide-open window for HOURS.  I closed the window immediately.  I wanted to crank the heat up to a nice, warm circle of Hell setting, but could not do so -- I know this because when I first checked in, I tried cranking up the heater and SET OFF THE SMOKE ALARM.  I didn't mind it then, because the room was generally warm (and kept heat well overnight) -- but now the place was just ICY.  I put the heater on a low setting (as high as I dared take it) and took a hot bath to warm myself.  When all was said and done, I didn't get to sleep till about 2:00.

Upon waking up about six hours later, there was NO WAY I was in any shape to go riding.  I was exhausted.  (I believe "knackered" is the word.)  I didn't even really think I was up for a museum or a London walk.  I thought I'd maybe take in a play.

Went to the half-price ticket booth in Leicester Square.  Nothing there I wanted to see.  Toyed with seeing a movie.  (Last chance to see "Return of the King" on a big, honkin, screen.  I was tempted until I realized the price was about $18.  Hell, I could probably get the DVD for that.)

With, literally, nothing better to do, I went back to the National and queued up for a return ticket for Part Two of "His Dark Materials."

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