Friday, March 5, 2004

NZ's Theatre Injury Report

Can I travel ANYWHERE without injury?

Particularly the National theatre?

The two shows I saw yesterday were both at the National.  Last time I was at the National, I twisted my ankle walking to the theatre.  This ended up being the ligament injury that I kept reinjuring skating, and is currently reported to be "as healed as its going to get."

So yesterday I was very, very careful walking by the place I did that to myself.

I was less careful walking down the stairs.  Because, I mean, they're STAIRS.  I can walk down stairs.  (I can even chew gum at the same time.)  The night before, I'd walked down HUNDREDS of stairs (the escalator was out at the underground station so they sent us down a huge winding staircase).  So, I mean, no problem with the stairs.

Between shows yesterday, I just stayed around the National Theatre complex (three theatres, several restaurants, some displays, a shop).  And walking down the stairs at one point, I felt a sort of pop in my knee.  I ignored and kept right on going with my day. 

By the time I returned to my hotel at night, I was limping up the last few steps out of the underground station.  And it hurts worse this morning.  I'm fine on flat areas, but it's quite uncomfortable on stairs.  Argh.

I'm popping some Advil and I bought a knee wrap.  Sumbitch.


tammyg22 said...

Major bummer, Chica! Stairs are a bi..... royal pain with a knee injury. Especially going down. Hope it gets better soon.

andreakingme said...

Anybody with knee problems becomes a kindred spirit on the instant.

grodygeek said...

Often if you can get ice on a knee injury, it will help a lot
I konw, dang near impossible where you are. Dozens of ice cream bars?