Monday, March 8, 2004


Remember where we were with the earring story?

We were here:

In London, I was sitting in a theatre waiting for a show to start, and I felt something cool on my ear. Reached up, and the piercing was wet. LEAKING something. A clear, somewhat gooey something. This was completely spontaneous. I did NOTHING to make it commence with the leaking.

When I got back to the hotel that night, I saw some dried blood around the piercing. I didn't have any alcohol on me so didn't remove the stud to get a closer look, but I tried to clean it as best I could until I got back home.

Got back home. Removed the piercing.

Have concluded I was wrong about blaming the facial lady. I don't think the skin is peeling around the piercing at all. I think the piercing is leaking this fluid, and what looked like peeling skin was just dried goo.

Oh, and it started bleeding again when I removed the stud.

I seem to recall -- WAY back when I got my ears pierced the first time -- that someone on the university nurse line told me to remove my studs and replace them with gold hoops -- that would help with "drainage." I'd do that right now, except I broke one of the hoops, and I think wearing one hoop and one stud would look particularly stupid. (Or particularly Janet Jackson.) Then again, it does appear to be a medical necessity.

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rinakatay21 said...

Um, ew? lol I love your adventures! You're so brave! I couldn't travel the world alone..I'd go insane and start talking to myself and I'm sure in that foregin country they'd have me comitted...and...traveling alone is just not a good idea for me. But I'm glad you do it...cause I get all the juicy (ew!) details! =)