Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Oh... my.

There's one thing I always find myself doing whenever I travel abroad:  apologizing for American television.

"Culture" is pretty much our biggest export, and -- on the whole -- I think that the fact we've given the rest of the planet Jerry Springer is something for which we, as a people, owe the world a general, "We are SO sorry."  I mean, REALLY.  Britain gives us all that stuff on "Masterpiece Theatre," and we respond with Judge Judy.  It isn't a fair trade, now, is it?

Well, no more.  I had the privilege of watching "There's Something About Miriam" -- a UK-made "Bachelorette"-style dating show in which the main character has a little secret.  No, it's not that she's not really a millionaire.  It's that she's not really a woman.

She is, in fact, a pre-operative transsexual.  Beat that, American television.

And in fine American style, the men involved subsequently sued the show to prevent it from being broadcast (because of their emotional distress).  The producers settled, the men got paid off, and the show aired. 

:::sniff:::  Britain has surpassed us.  I'm so proud.


sugar1337 said...

I don't think America is ready for that kinda of television yet

andreakingme said...

Good God, I've got the willies now.