Thursday, March 4, 2004

The Travelogue (2 of ?)

Had theatre last night...

Let me explain something about me, travel, and jet lag:  I take short trips and haven't the TIME for jet lag.  I have, basically, three ways of dealing with it:

1.  When I get on the plane, I set my watch to the time at my destination, and attempt to act accordingly.  (Sometimes this is impossible -- in which case, proceed to step 2.)

2.  When I get on the plane, I set my watch to the time at my destination, roll my eyes in shock, then IGNORE the time for the rest of the flight.  Sleep when tired, eat when hungry, and when arrive, keep telling self, "1:00 in the afternoon.  Yeah, I can believe that.  It's 1:00 in the afternoon."

3.  (And this is the most important step.)  Upon arrival, stay awake until a reasonable time to go to sleep.  Since my trips have generally involved theatre, I've learned it is easiest to accomplish this by "seeing the loudest, most obnoxious musical I can find."

Successful shows in this area have included, "Mamma Mia!"  "The Who's Tommy" and (the world-champion loud, obnoxious musical) "We Will Rock You" -- a show based on the music of Queen, with a plot so horribly stupid I think the show has remained open for two years SOLELY based on its capacity to keep tourists awake their first night in town.

The problem with this trip is that, although I intend to see some musicals (two of them. Today), neither is particularly loud and obnoxious.  In fact, I'd rather like to be fully awake and thinking for them both.  So I couldn't book them for my "first night" show.


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