Friday, March 5, 2004

Theatre Geek Report -- the evening show (2 of 3)

I digress.  Big sweeping fantasy books that most people here have heard of.  So most people go into the show already UNDERSTANDING the rules of this universe, while I'm trying to ramp up.  The show does give some brief nods in the general direction of explaining itself, but it's a lot to catch up with when you're totally unfamiliar with the rules.  ("OK, and the little squirrel-like thing is following the protagonist around WHY?")  And there's all sorts of magical artifacts with which everyone is familiar, and I'm, y'know, not.  (An "alethiometer."  Got it.)

On the plus side, not having any familiarity with the books means all the plot twists and turns are genuinely new to me.  Which, I'll admit, made the show a great deal of fun -- because buried in this somewhat confusing world of deamons and armoured bears and witches and one very f'd up church hierarchy was a really great tale.  Which I got to enjoy.  (So I'm the only one in the audience who gasps at the theatrical equivalent of "Luke, I am your father.")

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