Saturday, March 6, 2004

Back to the "Ordinary" Day (2 of 2)

I got in.  (I think everyone in the returns line did.  Yay for the returns line.)  REALLY glad I went.  Absolutely adored Part 2 of this show.  Loved it to little bits.  Cried at the end.  (Not just sniffles, actual tears.  Mere inches away from embarassing blubbering.)  Went right out and bought the entire trilogy of books.  Very happy camper.

Topped off the evening by a traditional-type English meal.  (Steak and mushroom pie.)  Decided I would branch out beverage-wise and, as I'm not much of beer person, my waitress recommended cider, which I discovered I rather like.  (Mmmm, cider.)

Am now pleasantly buzzed.  It's probably the last entry I'll make from London -- tomorrow I'm going to visit my friend outside the city.  I'll be back in time for dinner, but I think it will be a grab-some-takeaway-and-pack dinner, rather than a go-out-and-stop-at-the-internet-place-on-the-way-back dinner.  (Wonder where I can get another bottle of cider.)  It has to be an early night 'cause I'm leaving early Monday morning.

And then it's back to the REAL ordinary.


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