Monday, March 1, 2004

Two Slightly-Related Oscar Comments

Item:  Johnny Depp just went up hugely in my esteem.  Showed up, dressed nice, spoke articulately (rather than his usual slightly-stoned delivery, which I'd always thought was an act), and said respectful things when asked stupid questions by Pre-Show Guy.  Also handled himself quite well when aforementioned Pre-Show Guy dragged Keisha Castle-Hughes over to meet him.  (Which, again, was a really stupid thing for Pre-Show Guy to do.  I mean, what's Castle-Hughes supposed to do?  Drool and say, "You're really hot"?  I mean, it's one thing for a thirteen-year-old to want to meet a cool movie star, and another for her to actually meet him in front of a world-wide audience.)  And Depp managed to come up with something really nice about how he liked her work (and I'm thinking, "wonder if he even saw Whale Rider"), and he kept the conversation from sounding as terribly awkward as it must have been for the ten or fifteen seconds they had a camera on them. 

Item:  OK, exactly who wrote Will Ferrell's introduction?  Because I'm fairly certain that when Billy Crystal announced him as "Everyone's favorite elf," the 13-year-old female viewing population said, as one, "I think not."

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