Saturday, March 27, 2004

Computer woes


Yeah, so, I'm certain the bit about router and adapters in the post about my new computer made no sense to the certified technoweenies among you.  This because I had my terminology messed up.  This means I BOUGHT THE WRONG DAMN PART.  I figured it out last night -- right after Dell told me they'd boxed up the computer and put it in the mail.

I'll be able to return it for my money back (less the cost of shipping) and, after a good deal of research, I managed to find the item I actually need for, as it turns it, rather less money.  So I should come out even -- if you don't count the hassle of shipping a peripheral back to Dell.

Now, that's the desktop.  I also have a laptop.  It is two and a half years old.  When I was plugging it in last night and putting it to sleep, I saw something I don't really like seeing from my computer's power cord:  a spark.  The power cord was giving off little sparks ... very near where it plugs in to my computer.  I unplugged it from the computer (but it was still attached to the wall) and it continued to spark.  I decided this was bad.  Vowed to buy a new one today.

The Apple Store said that, yes, they have AC adapters for two-and-a-half-year-old iBooks.  (The bad news:  $79.)  Drove out there.  Bought one.  Brought it home.  Plugged it in.

It is a newer, funkier adapter.  Say what you will about Apple, but their designs are so COOL.  So I plug the adapter into the wall, and then into my computer, and IT LIGHTS UP.  Not sparks -- just a cute little ring of light right where it plugs in.

It's green.  No, it's amber.  No, it's green.  No.... amber. 

I'm guessing -- either the brand new power adapter has some sort of short in it right out of the box, or there's something wrong with my laptop which is what might have caused the old one to start sparking in the first place.


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brianswife7378 said...

maybe its not the adapters. maybe it's the wiring in your home? please get that checked out.~liz(perfect moments)