Thursday, March 4, 2004

The Travelogue (4 of 4)

I felt a little sorry for the actors, trying to perform all energetically in a huge theatre with a living-room sized crowd.  As for the performance itself, well, now I understand why there weren't crowds outside the theatre banging down the doors to get in.

One of my favorite little theatre things to do is overhear what other people are saying about the play.  Now, in this production, the costume scheme was (probably intentionally) somewhat reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, with The Pirate King in reds and blacks (with long hair, and red scarf) like Captain Jack, and Frederic more in browns like Will.  Which similarity had most of the audience talking about the movie at the intermission.  So, when I got back from getting my ice cream (London theatres sell ice cream at the interval.  A practice I truly wish we'd take up in the States.), I overheard this middle-aged Englishwoman say -- and, when you read this, please read it in the proper English accent, it's much funnier that way -- "I like Johnny Depp, too.  All women like Johnny Depp."  Cracked me up.

Well, I can't do anything unusual today -- I've got two shows today and after my Hearty English Breakfast (all hail the free breakfast buffet that came with my hotel!) I barely have time to surf the net for something fun for tomorrow before I'm off to the theatre.  Hopefully, it won't rain tomorrow.  :)  One can but dream.

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