Monday, March 22, 2004


Yes.  I'm gettin' a Dell.

Of all the gadget-type items I wanted to buy, the new desktop leapt to the top of the list when I couldn't get the current desktop to play FreeCell yesterday. I mean, every time I turn it on -- well, about half the time I turn it on, I have to unplug it and turn it on again, 'cause it didn't take. But every time I turn it on, there's an alert that SOME program component or other is malfunctioning and will be shut down, and it usually doesn't affect anything I'm actually trying to do with the machine, so I usually don't care. But when I clicked on FreeCell and it dealt a game but only the top row of cards was visible, that was the last straw. (I dare you to play FreeCell that way. Click on invisible cards and keep getting "That move is not allowed" messages.)

I've got to burn all my documents on some CDs so I can transfer them to the new machine. (Frustratingly, I've been backing up to zip disks. They're so obsolete Dell didn't even OFFER a zip drive option in the new machine. Hey, I had a tape back up before the zip drive.) It's going to be depressing -- going through five years of data and finding that all that I really want to save will probably fit on a single CD. Ah well.

On the plus side, I did splurge a bit for (a) a flat panel monitor and (b) a wireless adapter thing that I truly hope will be compatible with the card in my notebook (and my ISP). The first is a total luxury purchase -- I tried to justify it by saying it would give the cat more room to perch while I type, but even I don't entirely buy that. The second -- well, I *have* a wireless system right now, and it *does* work. Enough. It involves a wireless adapter AND a router, and was put together with the assistance of countless hours of tech support from a friend of mine on the other side of the country who (unlike the paid professionals who were SUPPOSED to help me) actually "enjoys a challenge." (Long, geeky story.) The new wireless adapter only costs $49 -- and I figured that if I can replace the electronic equivalent of duct tape and tin foil that's currently sitting on my desk with a single piece of $50 equipment, it would be a more elegant solution for taking me into the next five years.

New toy!


grodygeek said...

You know I hate buying the dang things but they are rather decent machines in my experience. Until my kids get ahold of it.


annalisa135 said...

have fun!!!