Sunday, March 7, 2004

This is SO cool (2 of 2)

They read him rights which sounded an awful lot like our "Miranda" warnings--at least in the Remaining Silent department; I don't recall anything about Free Appointed Counsel.  They handcuffed him.  He very politely said, "you don't have to handcuff me; I'll go with you."  They very politely insisted on the handcuffs.  They then asked, "Do you have anything on you you shouldn't have?"  (I love this question.)  They further clarified they were asking about drugs, weapons, etc.  He didn't.

He tried to prove his innocence.  Said he had monthly pass to use the internet here.  Why would he try to steal the screen if he had a monthly pass?  Said he'd log in with the pass to prove he does, indeed, have a valid pass.  "There's no need to do that," said the officer, with genuine honesty in his voice, "I believe you."

And they took him away.  Quietly, without any further fuss.  Most people here in the internet place just kept typing away.  Because it wouldn't be polite to stare.

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andreakingme said...

You're so interesting, NZ. I love these Entries on far away places I'll probably never get to. (Mushroom and steak pie. Oh, God, am I hungry.)

Apart from housekeeping try to freeze you out, seems like you had a great trip.