Wednesday, March 31, 2004

It's Alive!

Everyone, meet Jack.  Jack, everyone.

Yes, this is the first journal entry on the new computer.  Got it set up fairly well -- some bits set up rather easier than I'd expected (the internet connection self-configured to my cable modem -- this was a pleasant surprise), and other bits failed altogether (looks like I'll be getting a new scanner, as my scanner is so old they don't make a driver for Windows XP for it) -- but, all things considered, I got most everything functioning fairly easily.

Actually, the step that took the longest was the act of computer naming.  As soon as I cranked it up, the Dell welcome screen said, "Enter a name for this computer."  And I thought, "Damn, I usually don't name my computers until I've had them for a little while and gotten to know their personalities."  So, I guess this one is provisionally Jack (Come to think of it, Jack Provisionally might be a fine name.) 

Gotta say I'm a huge fan of the flat panel monitor.  Not just 'cause it looks cool and all, but 'cause it is SO lightweight.  I mean, Mariette -- the old computer -- she had such a huge monitor I nearly threw my back out taking it off the desk.  And I'm going to need at least one other person to help me get it back in the box.  This new one is so much easier to handle.  The No Back Strain model.  I'm in love.

Took the cat a little while to get used to it.  While it gives her MUCH more room to sit on the desk, she can no longer use the monitor as something to jump on.  She used to use it as an intermediate step for getting up to some shelves I have above my desk.  So, she pads on over here, taps the top of the monitor as though checking to see if it would bear her -- and then jumps all the way to the shelves in one leap.  Once she verified that she could get up to and down from the shelves without using the monitor, I think she's good with Jack.

I'm off to tidy up all the boxes all over my floor.  I'm not sure when, exactly, I'll get Mariette boxed up and out of here, but I can at least clear a path to the door. 


annalisa135 said...

sad to say good bye to Mariette, but a warm welcome to jack! a big hug to kitty cat, she's a wise cookie! enjoy it, NZ, have fun with your new toy.

andreakingme said...

Heh, that's funny that Dell wants you to name the computer. So congratz on Jack! I'm jealous. I'd love to have one of those flat panels.