Friday, March 5, 2004

Out of the Ordinary Day (5 of 5)

I didn't see anything in the way of films, but when I started looking at the British Television stuff, something caught my eye.  One summer -- 1988, after my first year of law school -- I worked for a barrister here for half the summer.  I lived with a nice lady in a tiny little room at the top of her house.  And while I was here, I happened to catch a mini-series on TV.  Well, I caught MOST of it.  Three of the Four parts.  I left town before the final episode aired.  The nice lady watched the last part for me and wrote me a synopsis, but as she hadn't watched the first three, her explanation was somewhat lacking.

And there it is -- the whole thing -- on DVD.  I recognize the title immediately, and it isn't particularly expensive.  I stand there flipping the box over in my hands, debating whether to buy it to see the last part of something I first watched fifteen years ago.  And then I notice:  it starred Stephen Dillane.  I buy it on the spot.

Heh.  Well, since I did both of things I'd wanted to do today, I have to go find something for tomorrow. 

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