Monday, March 15, 2004


I said below that one thing I always do when I travel is apologize for American television.

I do that a lot. But there's one thing I *always* do when I travel, always. Something that I never do when I'm home, but always sort of look forward to when I'm away.

I eat dinner at KFC.

I'm not sure when this first began. I think it was one of my very first trips to London -- and I was really exhausted but trying to stay awake that first night -- so I went out and grabbed some KFC takeout and ate it my hotel room.

(And then I learned: don't throw the trash away in your hotel room -- you'll smell it up something awful. You can usually find me wandering the halls of my hotel, looking for a "public" trash can in which to toss a pile of chicken bones.)

Since then, KFC has nearly always been a part of my vacations. (Yes, I ate at KFC in New Zealand.) It's almost a ritual. Like I'm not on vacation yet until I've stopped by the Colonel's place. Gotta have my chicken and "American biscuit."

So, that's my embarassing travel ritual. You got any?


pegluh said...

I tend to stay away from anything vaguely American, which is getting more and more difficult these days! I usually try to get to a grocery store and buy a local type of hard candy or snack for the trip.

jeffcomedy said...

I'm not sure if this counts, but...Whenever I go someplace, a resturaunt, someone's house, a park and ride, I always feel the urge to use the bathroom. I just have to check out how they have set up the place, and how clean they keep it. To paraphrase Albadore from Harry Potter, "You can always tell how nice a place is, by how they treat their lowest room."

mrccgoody said...

You reminded me of when I was younger and lived in Germany and our family would occasionally go to KFC (I'm from Kentucky) - it always seemed so special!

Today, when I travel around the US, I always go to Wal-Mart. It's not particularly my favorite store, but it's ubiquitous - every town in America has one, it seems. I never go to Wal-Mart at home, but I can't seem to go on vacation without feeling some strange compulsion to go to the local Wal-Mart to buy books and pool toys.