Friday, March 12, 2004

Books (2 of 2)

Science Fiction:
Chunky:  Dan Simmons's "Hyperion" & "Fall of Hyperion"
Crappy:  Robert Asprin's "Phule" series

Chunky:  Sean Stewart's "Galveston" and others; a great deal of Steven Brust's stuff, some Guy Gavriel Kay
Crappy:  A nearly endless list, including Robert Asprin's "Myth" series, the other Steven Brust stuff, David Eddings's "Belgariad" and "Mallorean" (until he started writing the same story for the third, fourth and fifth time), and some Craig Shaw Gardner.

Special note:  Also a huge fan of Terry Pratchett, who operates in the special sub-genre of Humorous Fantasy.  There are few practicioners of the art, and Pratchett's stuff is hard to categorize.  It's kinda crappy with chunks.

And, yes, Tammy, I have enjoyed those "Anita Blake -- Vampire Hunter" books you sent -- although I do try hide the covers when I'm reading them.


brianswife7378 said...

those anita blake vampire hunter books are actually pretty good. i read an excerpt once from a compilation book of miscellaneous crap stories... unfortunately, my reading list of crap is incredibly long, and haven't gotten to that series yet.. mayhap next year. if you're looking for some really good grap.. the fluff kind, check out christine feehan as an author.. i highly reccommend her. oh.. there's romance and "stuff" but there's plenty of fantasy elements.. witches and the like. ~liz

brianswife7378 said...

correction.. i have read other excerpts from the books, leafing through different sections and reading a chapter or 2.. and then forgetting wehat im about and setting them down, remembering weeks later that i wanted to read them, but I'm "booked" (ha, pun) solid with the reading list for a while.. i know, i'm weird. ~liz

andreakingme said...

Well, I've heard good things about the Anita Blake vampire books, so one day I'll be checking these out. But I've never tried Fantasy, unless you count DUNE by Herbert. Now THAT was a chunky read.

I've read Christine Feehan, too, but after six of her books, I don't need to read ANY more. And really, I shouldn't be reading anyone's books; I should be writing my own. Maybe you, too, NZ?

tammyg22 said...

I thought you'd like Jean Claude. Y'know, Anita kind of reminds me of you. Well, except that I've never seen you toting weapons. (Not that I know of, anyway....)