Friday, March 5, 2004

Out of the Ordinary Day (1 of ?)

Well, it's only 10:30, and seeing as I have free internet use (cough up 7 pounds, get unlimited use for 5 days), I thought I'd write up today 'cause I'm all wide awake and ... wide awake.  (Clearly I'm not as articulate as I'd hoped.)

OK, in poking around, I decided there were two things here I'd really like to do (that I've never done before).  First, was visit the Cutty Sark, and second, stand on the Prime Meridian and synchronize my watch with the rest of the planet. 

Not so coincidentally, both items were right next to each other.  (Had I thought this through, I might have realized it.  Both having that, y'know, naval connection.)

So, my first stop today was taking the Docklands Light Rail out to a station conveniently called "Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich."

Cutty Sark's website conveniently gives you directions from the rail station, saying to exit the station, turn left, then turn left again.  I think "look up, see ship, go there" probably would have covered it.  I mean, it's kinda hard to hide a clipper ship.  Even if it is in drydock.

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