Friday, March 5, 2004

Out of the Ordinary Day (4 of ?)

After poking around the Royal Observatory, I dropped by the Maritime Museum on my way back to the rail station.  (Cause, I mean, it was there.)  I was starting to get pooped at this point, but they did have a couple of neat displays -- a huge room full of models of all the different "ships of war" (back before this term meant "aircraft carrier") and a whole display devoted to Admiral Nelson.  Got to see his very own goofy hat.  :)

Headed back to town, had dinner, saw a play.  (Jumpers, a Tom Stoppard play starring Simon Russell Beale.  Beale is one of a handful of actors who I would unreservedly see in whatever play they happen to be doing -- and I dig Stoppard as a playwright something fierce, so booking this show for this trip was a no-brainer.)

Beale isn't the only such actor -- another is a fellow named Stephen Dillane, who I've also seen in a couple of Stoppard plays.  (As they say in court, "Don't worry, your honor, I'll link up.")

On my way to the theatre, I had about a half hour to kill, so I stepped into the nearest HMV.  Wasn't looking for anything in particular, but I thought I'd look at the local DVDs.  (I have a code free DVD player, so I'm always on the lookout for Nifty Foreign Stuff I can pick up.)


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