Wednesday, March 24, 2004

My Evil Cyber-Twin (2 of 2)

For a long time, I got stuff meant for Scott. I got enough stuff meant for Scott, I started to put together his profile. He lived in Florida. He was bilingual. He was frequently invited to parties and movie screenings. He flies on Continental. He set up a brokerage account on one of the online sites and set it to send himself -- that is, me -- regular updates. At one point, I replied to one of his email correspondents and told him to call Scott and tell him to stop giving out my email address as his. The correspondent was sympathetic -- but as Scott was only a distant acquaintance, he wouldn't call him for me. He did, however, give me Scott's phone number, in case *I* wanted to call this moron and tell him his email address wasn't what he thought it was.

I didn't have the nerve to call, but I *did* unsub my account from most of his automated mailing lists. (It's pretty easy. Whenever I'd go to one of the websites to change my preferences, all I had to do was tell it "I forgot my password" and it would email it to the registered address -- i.e. me. Then I had total account access and could unsubscribe myself. TOTAL account access. Good thing I'm not an identity thief.)

So, last night, I order the Dell. Several hours later, I log on to check my email, and there's no confirmation from them. Go on, guess why.

Yep. I gave 'em an invalid e-mail address.

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annalisa135 said...

LOL! excellent