Sunday, March 14, 2004

Grocery Shopping (1 of 2)

So, I went shopping (at Vons! The strike is over!) and brought home a whole mess of groceries. I was running a little late -- had to get to the theatre -- so I wanted to bring them up to my apartment really fast, and get... the fridge stuff in the fridge, the freezer stuff in the freezer, everything else out of reach of the cat, my clothes changed, and the hell out of there.

OK, first problem. The "community shopping cart" we usually keep near the elevator was nowhere to be seen. I scanned the garage and saw it over in the corner by the water heater. Fine. I ran over there, grabbed the cart, brought it back to my car, and loaded it with groceries.

Not all the groceries fit. I figured I'd leave the three heaviest items and bring them up after the theatre that night. I mean, I didn't really need to bring up the big bottle of laundry detergent, the 12-pack of Coke, or the 2.5 gallon jug of water.

As it is, the shopping cart is overflowing with my groceries. I push the button for the elevator and it opens immediately. Problem: there's a little step between me and the elevator, and I can't get the shopping cart up it before the elevator door closes. I keep trying to get the cart to do a wheelie to get up the step but it won't comply. FINALLY, it does. I call the elevator again and shove the cart in. Push the button for the second floor.

Nothing happens.

I hit "door open." The door opens. I hit "door close." The door closes. I hit "2." Elevator makes a noise, but NOTHING HAPPENS.

I push on the "stop/start" button. Nothing. I pull it out and push it again. There's something a little wrong with the button (it's at an angle) but there's nothing I can do.

I get out of the elevator. I thought I'd heard one of my neighbors in the garage, and wanted to ask if they'd heard if the elevator was broken. When I get out of the elevator, the door closes behind me.

And the elevator engages, bringing my groceries up to the second floor without me.

I run for the stairs. I reach the first floor and hit the call button, hoping to meet my groceries here. But the elevator has already gone by here and is on its way to 2.

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katyu1987 said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your horrible day.

It did make me laugh though. Almost as much as the time my kids neglected to take out one bag of groceries from the back of the van, only to discover a bag of rotten meat three days later. Yeah, one of those plastic wrapped trays was one finger poke away from making my car unuseable.