Sunday, February 29, 2004

Health Update

My cold is running its usual course. This would be of considerably less concern if I didn't have a ticket to London for Tuesday night (no, I did not buy cancellation insurance). I'm on schedule to make it -- but, obviously, I won't know for sure till I'm there.

Yesterday, I inflicted myself on the general public enough to buy some soup and salad. I also dropped by the drug store to pick up some more meds and (as long as I was there) a travel size bottle of hair spray, a new light bulb, and an iron. (Remember when I threw my iron out? Well, I have a lot of cotton shirts. And the drug store didn't sell any of that spray-on de-wrinkly stuff, so I had to face facts and buy a new iron if I ever intended to wear these shirts.)

I woke up this morning with my throat feeling a little sore. This was somewhat disconcerting as my cold had pretty much LEFT my throat already, and I really hate when it goes back. (Although not entirely SURPRISING -- I *always* have a relapse day when I get sick. Ask my mom -- I've been doing this since I've been little.) So, I'm staying in, eating leftovers, and forcing fluids.

This is the other thing driving me nuts, actually. I got not one but TWO little "acid bumps" in my mouth, which is limiting my excitement for orange juice, grape juice, and even Coca-cola, which have been my fluids of choice this week. So now I'm pouring tea down my throat. I like tea. 'specially when I put honey in it. But I'm on my third mug already and ... man, in one end and out the other. That's tea for you.

Going to work tomorrow. My glands are still swollen, but, basically, with meds I can give anyone the impression that I am the picture of health. Hopefully I can pull off that image WITHOUT meds very soon.

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jeffcomedy said...

You've got a throat thing, and SloMos got cramps.

Something must be going around.