Friday, February 27, 2004

To My Non-Real-World Pals (1 of 2)


A post for my friends/acquaintances/readers in AOL-J land.

Ugh.  Just poked around and saw all sorts of posts and comments on posting and commenting and cliques and links and ... I'll say it again:  Ugh.

Here's my take on it -- which is to say:  This is how I operate.  Operate however you like.

1.  If you read my journal, and like what you read, please come back.  While I suppose it is true that, in some ways, I write for myself -- I also write to be read.  So if you enjoy reading it, please keep reading.  If you don't, thanks for dropping by.

2.  If you're moved to comment, please comment.  I like comments.  I like comments from friends, I like comments from strangers.  I like people who agree with me.  I like people who disagree with me.  If I have something to say in response to your comment, I might comment right back.  I might even make an entry about your comment.

3.  If you want me to look at your journal, please link to it (or email me a link).  I will always read a linked journal at least once.  I won't necessarily comment when I'm there, but I'll drop by.  I promise.  If I like what I see, I'll keep dropping back.  If I really, really, really like what I see, I might add you to my "other journals" links.  Please don't take it personally if I don't.  PLEASE.  I like reading journals for weird reasons -- sometimes content, sometimes style.  I dislike reading journals for weird reasons too -- sometimes I won't read your journal because it seems like I'm coming in at the middle of a story and I know I won't have time to do all the catching up.  Sometimes I won't read one because the font is something that reads too small on my Mac.  Hard to say.  But even if I decide not to read your journal because the subject matter of your posts is something I'm just not moved to read, it isn't a judgment about YOU.  It's that you and I have different priorities right now -- no biggie.

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andreakingme said...

NZ, you are a bigger person than I am. I wish I had more of your 'tude when it came to this journaling thing.